I have some recording works done....here some clips to hear, to download. It's all on MP3 format.





- (christmas 1998, Jakarta) Jingle Bells on five : I played conga and small percussion here. The song arranged by mr. Tamam Hoesein for a National Christmas party with a former president of Indonesia, Bp. Soeharto (Tamam Hoesein as the arranger and keyboard, me on all percusion and Conga). There is another clip here. The same session, but here, I played drums .

- (Jakarta 1999) Here's songs from my recent project called "Sanjiwani". It's an experimentation to mix an eighties Rock and Balinese traditional taste. Edo on all percussion and drums, Bernard on all guitar, Ade Karang on Vocal and Bass, Christ on all keys and synthe

- (Jakarta 1998) A blues session with mr. Fred Burkhart (vocal and harmonica). Just to have some fun. (me on drums, Mathes on bass, Donny Suhendra on Lead Guitar)

- (Los Angeles 1995) when I was at the "Musicians Institute" I've played in a band called "Arm Pit Fish", I work with some talented people. Morgan Haley on guitar and vocal, Ridho Haffiedz on guitar, and Tip Pedersen play the bass. The clip here, recorded with a walkman while we were practicing a new song at school and Tip wasn't attend the session, so it was three of us. Not a good recording sound but I like the natural emotion of it.

- (Los Angeles 1995) The unforgetable 1 year music work in Los Angeles. Wanna hear how was the class going down there? I record this on a Country Live Playing Workshop. I played the drums. Everytime I hear this record, can't wipe out the smile from my face.

I will add some more clip next time...

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