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I teach, and my first two books called "Begin da Beat" and "Play da Rhythm" for beginner and intermediate level of students has released, and also play regularly at at cafes near vicinity, just to keep the know.

My early childhood filled with so many classical piano song played by my mother, and as a kid, I hated the piano so much. As I can remember, I always crying when my mother 'forced' me to a piano lesson. Anyway, still the song amuse me. I'm not a good student but a good listener, an audience when later on I start try to learn piano by my self.

Then guitar, then electone, then drums. I start a drum course in my age 8. My first drum teacher is mr. Yani Lesar, who have a great patient, introduce me to the world of drumming (I admire most of his patient, believe me, I'm really the pain in ass back there). Then I got my snare drum teacher, mrs. Kyoko Kuwayama. who are also really good marimba player.

I was graduated from Musicians Institute at 1996(the curriculum was in care of mr. Joe Porcaro and mr. Ralph Humprey) after taking 1 year classic program. Everything seems bigger than before. My view has change after all. I see and also actualy meet and talk with so many talented, nice, amazingly great drummer out there.

1997, I work with Mr. Tamam Hosein, to do musical theme for ASEAN GAMES opening ceremony in Jakarta, Indonesia. Then sustain to live in Jakarta for almost 3 years. Played weekly at well known club called "JAMZ" as a percussionist, with many honorable Indonesian musicians. Recording, gigging and also teaching drums in some YAMAHA music school around Jakarta.

I moved back after leaving for almost 13 years, to Bali, my hometown, it was late 1999. And here, continue playing, teaching, also published 2 books : Begin Da Beat and Play da Rhythm as a complement for my drums class teaching programe. My most recent is starting a band and a music community called GROOVELAND, that you can have the story soon, as I adding the web.


Jim Chapin

I've met him twice. First, he gave a drum clinic at the school, at the unforgetable P100 room. He talks so many amazing drum story and he plays stunning technique. What really kickin' my ass was his very fast left hand, when he did three stroke, just flew between toms and floor tom in a very fast one movement, end it with the kick drum, while the right hand still keeping the swing. Man!'ll never believe this. Then we've met once again at the NAMM show, 1995, at Anaheim, Los Angeles, presenting The Real Feel practice pad and selling his new CD (got one!!)

Terry Bozzio

He gave clinic twice and 1 masterclass at school. First time I knew him was from his work with Stevie Vai, on "SEX AND RELIGION" album. The drum sound were earthy and I just love his china cymbal splash here and there. He talked about melodic concept on drumset. Then I start to collect some of his work : polytown, Lonely bear, missing person, and off course his solo and ostinato's CD.
Sit back, relax, (and close your eyes), listen to his play on polyrhythm, Sure a great great independence technique, and a deep journey into your mind.

I went to a Drum clinic by Russ McKinnon at Guitar Centre (1995), Sunset BLVD. Tower Of Power groove, smokin'!!
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