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this is me and sax(2002), well, this is my recent photo, taken by a professional photographer in Indonesia, mr. Aryono Huboyodjati. He's a long lost friend and we haven't been meet more than 20 years, then suddenly he just come to my house. This is his idea to put a saxophone on me (anyway I don't know damn thing about how to play it) and also see that round glasses. Anyway the landscape is a beach in Bali Beach Hotel in sanur, in the afternoon, sweet is it?

Kuliah Kerja Nyata(1994), this is a series of picture from my "Kuliah Kerja Nyata", the "duty" from my Art Institute for every students to fulfill their study to get degree. We were all(6 people of my group) have to stay at a this village, helping and teaching the villagers. I teach Silkscreening and Drums there.

You can see my long hair....

the whole gankwith my mentora friendall my studentpicking up honey
me and frank gambale(Musicians Insitute, Hollywood, CA, 1995) I attend his concert there, and went back stage, after the concert
me and Vail Johnson(Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA, 1995) The bass player, he played with mr. Frank Gambale that night.
Frank Gambale on stage(Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA, 1995)
me(Hollywood, CA, 1995) I forgot the name of this place. Its kinda science museum and observatory near hollywood area, any of you recognize this place?
hang out with friends(Los Angeles, 1995) This is some of my class mates. They all drummer from around the world. We often do this on week end and holiday. Well, just hang out together with beers and dirty talk. heheh, drummers rules

in front of my apartment(Hollywood, CA, 1995) Hawthorne ave. 2 blocks away from school. Just in the back of Hollywood Boulevard, and its cross the street from "Mann Chinese Theatre"

If you familiar with the area, well you can imagine this shit hole. I'm cool though.

me on westwood(Los Angeles, 1995) Sometime I visit Ray Azis, my buddy drummer from singapore. He lived near UCLA on westwood area. Well, this is nice area to lived on.

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