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I assume that you already understand the note value. If not, you better go to my first session here

Allright, now we get to the very basic pattern practice you have to master. Now, you gonna need a pair of stick and a snare drum or a pad. Don't forget :

  • Start on very slow tempo, this will make you confortable with the sticking, and avoid unwanted movement of your wrist. Everything must be in control
  • Use metronome would be better, so you'll able to realize where you dragging or too intense. Relax is the goal
  • Count out loud while you play is important to building your inner tempo. A good drummer have a strong inner time/tempo, so the never get lost in time. It's important to know where you are in time while playing a song/composition
  • Play with very relax manner
  • This is just a beginning

you see, at the first bar, there's 4 counting of 1/16 note, following to the 2nd bar is 1/8 note, and the 3rd is 1/4 note.

Do the alternate sticking : right-left-right-left-...(always start with R hand, so it lead you - it happen to fall every pulses)

You should try each of counting systems along the excercises.

I realize, that so much area I haven't cover yet. The stick grip : take it easy. There's some certain sticking technique, what you have to pay attention is controling the bounce and eficient use of your wrist and finger muscle. For the right technique, sorry, you have to get someone or watching some one play.

If you're right handed (I suppose so), it's very normal to have weaker left
hand. Otherwise, I just never think of strong or weaker hand/limb.
They just have a different function, and we all need to practice each limbs
for what they responsible for. Let the right hand be the boss, and the left
hand is thy best servant.

You can try to lead with your left hand, to make it stronger (I've done it
several years ago), but still you have to maintain you right hand also. If
not, you'll changing to a left handed drummer, which is way very cool.

There's a lot other concept of drumming out there, this just what mine. Be
friendly with your body and mind.

Be creative :

Now the rest note, or some peoples call it "silent note".

played note rest note value
1/4 (quarter note)
1/8 (eighth note)
1/16 (sixteenth note)
1/32 (thirtysecond note)

is the note that we count but not play - no sound for it - silent - rest - diam - whatever...

Now, drummer, get ready your metronome, sticks and pad, I have a simple practice pattern to introduce you applying the rest note.

Click here, and it will open a new window

Here's some reading material you can use :






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